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How Does A Coalescing Filter Element Work?

Coalescing separator is mainly designed for liquid-liquid separation. It contains two kinds of filter elements, namely, coalescing filter element and separating filter element. For example, in the oil water removal system, after the oil flows into the coalescence separator, it first flows through the coalescence filter, which filters out solid impurities and coalesces tiny water droplets into larger water droplets. Most of the coalesced water droplets can be separated and removed from the oil by their own weight, and settled into the water collecting tank. Then, the oil flows through the separation filter element. Because the separation filter element has good lipophilicity and hydrophobicity, the water is further separated, and the clean and anhydrous oil flows out of the coalescence separator.

Features Of Coalescence Filter Element

Advanced coalescing materials are used to produce cartridge filter element, which ensure the technical performance and quality of filter elements, large dirt-holding capacity and long service life. Coalescing materials are composite structures, and layered coalescing is used to gradually increase the tiny liquid and droplets, thus greatly improving the dehydration capacity and service life of filter elements. Coalescing materials are solidified by special resin and technology, and even under the impact of high flow rate and strong pressure pulsation, short circuit or fiber shedding will not occur. Oil-resistant and water-resistant adhesives, Ensure that both ends of the filter element are firmly bonded and reliable, and the joints of filter materials are firm and tight. All metal materials of the filter element from our filter element suppliers are treated with anti-corrosion surface, which can ensure that the filter element will not be corroded during its effective life and normal storage period.

Application Field Of Coalescence Filter Element

1. Protect the compressor and turbine

2. Remove lubricating oil, water, compressor wear products, corrosion products and other pollution in gas.

3. Reduce the solution loss of the gas purification unit

4. Protect the gas flowmeter to ensure the correct flow indication.

5. Clean the fuel gas and protect the combustion device.

6. Prevent the blockage of liquid jet well hole in gas overflow.

7. Reduce foaming in the contact tower of amine and ethylene glycol.

8. Protect catalyst, desiccant and adsorbent.

Working Principle Of Separation Filter Element

The separation filter element has good hydrocarbon affinity and hydrophobicity. When the oil flows through the separation filter element from the outside to the inside, the small water droplets coming out of the coalescence filter element stay on the surface of the separation element until they merge with other water droplets to form larger water droplets, which settle into the water collecting tank under the action of gravity, while jet fuel smoothly passes through the filter element and enters the downstream, thus achieving the purpose of oil-water separation.

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