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Hydraulic Filter Element

Hydraulic Filter Element

The hydraulic filter element can be used for filtering hydraulic oil, water glycol, diesel oil, processing fluid, lubricating oil, coolant, gasoline, process fluid, turbine and compressor lubricating oil, synthetic lubricating oil, and more chemicals. And oil and more chemicals.

Hydraulic Filter Element Types

Hydraulic systems rely on hydraulic filter elements to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid, which is vital for the optimal performance and longevity of the system. There are various types of hydraulic filter elements sizes available provided by our hydraulic filter element manufacturers. These filter elements are engineered to effectively remove contaminants like particles, water, and varnish from the hydraulic fluid, maintaining the desired cleanliness level. They are available in different media types, including cellulose, synthetic, and wire mesh, to suit specific application requirements. Similarly, these hydraulic oil filter elements are known for their high dirt-holding capacity, efficiency, and long service life. Also, these hydraulic filter elements are constructed with advanced filtration media and technology to efficiently remove particles, water, and other contaminants from hydraulic fluids.

Hydraulic Filter Element Features

  • The hydraulic oil filter element is divided into a high-pressure section, medium-pressure section, oil return section, and oil absorption section.

  • divided into high, middle, and low precision grades. 2-5um is high precision, 10-15um is medium precision, and 15-25um is low precision.

  • In order to compress the overall dimensions of the finished filter element and increase the filtering area, the filter layer is generally folded into a corrugated shape, and the pleating height of the hydraulic filter element is generally below 20mm.

  • Generally, the pressure difference of hydraulic filter elements is 0.35-0.4MPa, but some high pressure hydraulic filter elements are required to bear high-pressure differences, and the maximum requirement is 32MPa, even 42MPa, which is equivalent to the system pressure.

  • Hydraulic filter element group diagram

  • Diagram of hydraulic filter element group (9 sheets)

  • the highest temperature, some requirements of 135℃.

Hydraulic Filter Element Features

Hydraulic Filter Element FAQs

  • What is hydraulic filter element?

    The hydraulic filter element is used in the hydraulic system to filter out the particles and rubber impurities in the system and ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system.

  • Hydraulic oil filter element function

    Filter element is an important component in hydraulic system.

    In order to reduce the friction resistance between the relative moving parts in the system (mainly gears and bearings at all levels) and reduce the wear of parts, lubricating oil is continuously delivered to the friction surfaces of the moving parts to form lubricating oil films for lubrication. The hydraulic oil itself contains a certain amount of gum, impurities, moisture and additives. At the same time, in the working process of hydraulic system, the impurities in lubricating oil gradually increase due to the introduction of metal debris, the entry of impurities in the air and the production of engine oil oxides. If the lubricating oil directly enters the lubricating oil path without being filtered, the impurities contained in the lubricating oil will be brought into the friction surface of the kinematic pair, which will accelerate the wear of parts and reduce the service life of the equipment.

    The function of the hydraulic oil filter element is to separate and filter out the impurities in the hydraulic oil, so as to improve the quality and service life of the hydraulic oil, reduce the friction of parts in the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.

  • Hydraulic oil filter element Importance

    In order to purify the hydraulic oil of the system, the purification speed must be higher than the oil pollution speed, and the instantaneous pollution before and after the filter element replacement should be avoided to wear the gear, so as to reduce the equipment failure rate, ensure the service life of the equipment and reduce the maintenance and use cost. As the oil pollution rate of the system is fast, the load of the existing filtration system is heavy, the filter element is frequently replaced, the cost is high, and the oil pollution level is high, so it is difficult to meet the normal requirements of operating enterprises for the service life of equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the oil purification, improve the purification capacity, reduce the load of the existing system, and ensure the normal operation of production. The purification device is ready to come out. The practice of many enterprises has also proved that the filter device of hydraulic filter element is an important component of lubrication system.

  • How to select the right hydraulic filter element sizes?

    Choosing the appropriate size of a hydraulic filter element requires considering factors such as flow rate, system pressure, and compatibility. It is important to consult the filter cartridge  manufacturer's guidelines and specifications. Accurate measurement of the filter housing, including inner diameter and length, is crucial for selecting the right size. Additionally, evaluating the pressure drop across the filter element and ensuring it falls within acceptable limits is essential. Other considerations include the micron rating and filter media compatibility with the hydraulic fluid. Proper sizing ensures optimal filtration efficiency and prevents issues such as excessive pressure drop or bypass.

Hydraulic Filter Element Benefits

Hydraulic filter elements remove contaminants from the fluid, ensuring clean and reliable operation. This leads to improved system performance, reduced downtime, and enhanced productivity. Secondly, by removing contaminants, filter elements prevent damage to sensitive hydraulic components, such as pumps, valves, and cylinders. This extends their lifespan and reduces the frequency of repairs or replacements. Thirdly, clean hydraulic fluid reduces friction, heat, and wear within the system, improving energy efficiency and overall performance. This translates to reduced energy consumption and lower operating costs. Then, filter elements prevent contaminants from circulating within the hydraulic system, ensuring the integrity of the fluid and preventing damage to critical components. Fianlly, hydraulic filter elements help meet industry standards and regulations, ensuring compliance with quality and safety requirements. By removing contaminants, filter elements help maintain the quality and longevity of the hydraulic fluid, reducing the need for frequent fluid changes and disposal.

Hydraulic Filter Element Application

High Pressure Applications: Compare with coalescer element, hydraulic systems can operate under high pressure conditions, such as heavy machinery and industrial equipment, require filter elements capable of withstanding high pressure differentials. These filter elements are designed with robust materials and reinforced structures to ensure durability and reliable filtration performance in high-pressure environments.

Medium Pressure Applications: Many hydraulic systems, including mobile machinery, agricultural equipment, and automotive applications, operate at medium pressure levels. Filter elements used in these systems strike a balance between durability and filtration efficiency, effectively removing contaminants to maintain system integrity and performance.

Low Pressure Applications: In certain hydraulic systems with lower pressure requirements, such as hydraulic power units, lubrication systems, and smaller equipment, filter elements are designed to offer efficient filtration without the need for heavy-duty construction. These filter elements provide reliable contamination control in low-pressure hydraulic systems.

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